Agata Winiarska: My fight is my „max”.

Agata already has a gold medal in the world championships – she won it in Romania in 2017, but she appreciates the first gold in the Polish championships in 2010 in Warsaw and the first medal of the European championships, i.e. silver won in 2013 in Lucerne. Now the competitor will take part in the World Karate Championships in Kielce.


Agata Winiarska

– I train very hard. Every time I prepare for the competition, I draw conclusions from previous starts, whether they were successful or not, and I try to correct all the shortcomings. I polish what is good – she explains.

She has gone through the stages of strength, endurance, and speed training – It is very important to work on myself so that the head believes that I can reach for the highest trophies. While preparing, we think about the medal, but the goal is to have the best possible performance – she explains – I focus on making my fight my „max”, and if it brings a medal, it’s fantastic.

Agata points out that Kielce is a positive place for her – I am very happy to come back to this city, last year I had the pleasure to run an international training camp here together with a sensei from Lithuania, Lukas Kubilius, so I remember this time very fondly and I am very happy that this championships will take place in Kielce.

The Polish representative of karate began to train in her home region near Opole and then moved to Wrocław, where she studied tourism at the Academy of Physical Education – I started at the age of seven and I have not given up my passion to this day. Karate helps in life. Although we fight in competitions, it is not meant to hurt anyone, but to defeat someone technically. First, we learn the whole philosophy of karate, and then we add combat to it. This is a bit different from the other martial arts – Agata stresses. The competitor combines training with professional work, she is the head of an IT department.

Agata Winiarska

Born on May 22, 1988, 3 DAN

The biggest successes: 1st place at the 2017 World Championships, 1st place at the 2016 European Championships, 2nd place at the 2013 and 2014 European Championships, 3rd place at the 2015 and 2016 European Championships, and 5th place at the 2022 European Championships. In the Polish Championships – 11 gold medals. She trains at Masutatsu Oyama Kyokushin Karate Club in Wrocław.