Alyona Veresniak: I believe I can raise the Ukrainian flag in the arena

– Karate is my passion. It is my whole life! – says titled athlete from Ukraine Alyona Veresniak. Although she started training karate quite late – at the age of 24 – she quickly caught up.

Alyona Veresniak


Before that, she was involved in shooting sports and played football. She has been a member of the Ukrainian national team since 2013. The athlete works at the Khmelnytskyi Administrative Court as a department deputy director and studies physical education and sports at the University of Ukraine. Despite having so many activities, she trains often, and thanks to this she stood on the tournament podium many times – Karate is the most important thing in my life and takes up most of my time – she points out.

– Every competition is important to me. The World Championships are special. To be in Kielce, I first had to succeed at the European Championships, as this victory was necessary to become a member of the national team – Alyona explains. In 2021, through hard work, she achieved very good results. She won gold at the European Championships in Georgia, and also took first place at the 3rd World Karate Kyokushin Championships 2021.

Alyona Veresniak is fully focused on the 7th World Karate Championships in Weight Categories. – I believe that in Kielce I can raise the Ukrainian flag in the arena and I want to see our national team achieve a good result – she says – This is my dream, but above all, like every Ukrainian citizen, I hope that Ukraine will win the war with Russia! The athlete intends to show her best at the championships in Kielce – This is an event where everyone wants to improve their physical and mental condition. It’s a great opportunity to show your best – she points out.

Alyona Veresniak

Born on May 28, 1986, 1 DAN

Greatest successes: 3rd place at the 2021 Lithuanian Open Championships, 1st place at the 2021 European Championships, 2nd place at the 2019 European Championships, 1st place at the 2020 European Fullcontact Karate Championships, 1st place at the 2018 European Championships, 3rd place at the 2016 European Championships, 2nd place at the 2016 European Open Szolnok Cup, 1st place at the 2021 Karate Kyokushin World Championships. She trains at the “Tsunami Dojo” club.