September 22nd (Thursday)

Arrival of national teams, judges and officials

September 23 (Friday)

Competitors Weighing *details of time and place to be announced later

September 24th (Saturday)

8:30 Competitors Registration

9:00 Doors Open

10:00 Opening Ceremony

11:00 Start of Bouts

Court A: 64 bouts

Court B: 66 bouts

*The top 8 Men and top 4 Women competitors will be decided

17:00 Expected Finishing Time

September 25th (Sunday)

9:30 Competitors Registration

10:00 Doors Open

11:00 Opening Ceremony

11:40 Start of Bouts *from Men Quarterfinals

17:30 Expected Finishing Time

September 26th (Monday)

The general meeting of the World Karate Organization

September 27th-29th (Tuesday – Thursday)

Shinkyokushinkai World Karate Seminar