Ilya Yakovlev: I want to achieve a good result and show the spirit of samurai.

Ilya Yakovlev, a Kazakh, has associated every aspect of his life with karate. He works as a shinkyokushinkai karate coach and has his team and many students who are already winning the Kazakhstan championships and winning international tournaments.


– My passion is sport, striving for perfection, and achieving goals. I like this! – he admits. He has been involved in karate for 27 years, and for the last 15 years, he has been an important foundation of the national team of Kazakhstan. Thanks to solid work, today he is a master of international-class sports.

 – Karate plays a very important role in my life. It is a part of me that gives me the strength to develop, improve, set new goals and achieve them. I train my students in such a way that they achieve the same results as me, or better – he points out.

In his long karate career, the most important achievement is 8th place at the 12th World Karate Open Championships – My dream is for my students to achieve more than me and grow up as healthy, wise, well-mannered people, I would like them to be proud of themselves – emphasizes Ilya Yakovlev. He has a clearly defined goal for the World Karate Championships in Kielce.

– I would like to achieve a good result and show the spirit of samurai according to the words „Climb on the pedestal with the best warriors in the world and be proud of your country!” – Ilya says.

Born: August 6, 1987, 3 DAN

Greatest successes: 1st place at the 6th World Championships 2022 organized by the IFK International Karate Federation, 3rd place at the 6th World Championships 2019 organized by the KWU World Karate Union, 8th place at the 12th Karate Open World Championships 2019. Multiple Kazakhstan, Asia, and international tournaments.