Monika Zielińska: The most important thing is to go out into each fight and do your best.

Monika Zielińska played football since childhood, her father was a coach. She decided to start karate in the 6th grade of primary school. For about five years, she reconciled both sports, but then focused on karate, although it was not a priority at first. She took part in many competitions. until she started winning medals.

Monika Zielińska

She became the youth European champion in Sofia, and a year later stood on the podium of this competition with a bronze medal. She has the title of the Polish champion in her weight category. She was the vice-champion of Poland for Seniors twice, divided into weight categories. In 2017 and 2018, she won third place in the Polish Senior Open Championships. As a junior athlete, she also won two bronze medals at the European Championships. Today she competes on the mat at the 7th World Karate Championships in Weight Categories in Kielce.

– In the preparations, I paid attention to endurance. I am a competitor who likes to feel confident in terms of good condition. I put a lot of emphasis on endurance during the fight – Monika reveals. – I was adding strength elements, and I also started working with a sport motility specialist.

As she emphasizes, the goal for the championships is gold – It’s in my range. But for me, the most important thing is to go out to each fight and do my best. If it will succeed – great! If not, I will need to work more – says Monika. Participation in the World Championships is an amazing experience for her, the fights are of a very high level, and you can see the best karatekas, not only from Poland, Europe, but the whole world – The competition will be full of emotions, because we will fight at home, in Poland. The atmosphere is special, we feel encouraged, supporting our people is a sign of solidarity – she points out.

Born on 18 May, 1997, 1st DAN

The greatest successes: European Champion 2022, 2021, 2018; European Champion of 2021 and 2016 Karate World Union. She trains at Bielany Kyokushin Karate Club.