Ruta Brazdzionyte: Karate is my greatest teacher.

Lithuanian Ruta Brazdzionyte gained her love of sporting activity thanks to her parents – I was lucky to be born into a family where an active and healthy lifestyle is of great value. I love sports and I am passionate about the possibilities of the human body. That is why I decided to work as a physiotherapist. I have a master’s degree in rehabilitation and am currently pursuing a doctorate in biomedical sciences – she says. Sport is her passion – she loves martial arts and jogging in the forest, but she also finds time for family and friends.


She started training karate Kyokushin when she was seven years old, and next year will mark a quarter of a century of this practice.  Since the age of 16, she has been a member of the Lithuanian National Team – Karate is a path for me, a way of life. It is both work and my greatest passion. It is my community – with friends and coaches. Karate has taught me to be strong in life and to be focused. Through this discipline, I have learned to achieve goals, and fight against difficulties in everyday life. Karate is my greatest teacher – she says.

Ruta points out that all competitions are important to her – They teach me a lot of lessons, sometimes you might not be lucky, but you learn from your mistakes. And when you win, it is one of the biggest and strongest feelings of ecstasy you can experience in a professional sport. The biggest win is a victorious battle against demons and weaknesses – she stresses.

Ruta’s biggest dream is to win a medal in the VII World Karate Championships in Kielce. And the second goal is to complete her Ph.D. thesis – I had a long and strong preparation period with many camps and hundreds of training. So I will do my best to reach for the best results – Ruta Brazdzionyte admits.

Ruta Brazdzionyte

Born on May 1, 1991, 3 DAN

Greatest successes: Lithuanian champion, five-time silver medallist, and three-time gold medallist at the European Championships – including 2021, 3rd place at the European Championships in the open category, 5th place at the World Championships in the open category.