Shihan Mariusz Mazur, coach of the National Senior Team, talks about the preparations for the 7th World Karate Championships in Weight Categories in Kielce, the chances of winning medals and the advantages of karate.

How does Shihan evaluate the team’s preparation for the World Cup in Kielce?

All members of the staff are very committed, mobilized, and encouraged to achieve the best possible result. I am of good cheer.

What are the chances of Polish participants for medals?

Memebrs of the national team are those who have already won medals at the European and world championships. Monika Zielińska is a multiple European champion. For Maciek Mazur, the world vice-champion in the open category, this competition can be the crown jewel of his career. Unfortunately, Marek Odzeniak was often unlucky, for many years he had been very close to the medal zone. All three of them know that they are going to Kielce to win a medal, I have no doubts about it.

The World Karate Championships in Weight Categories are organized in Kielce. What can you expect?

It’s a very big event for my hometown. The community will certainly be involved, and people who will come from the world will be able to discover its charms. I am glad that the city and voivodeship authorities joined the organization so much, of course also the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. I hope it will be a good time for karate to be presented to a wider audience. The potential of this sport is not sufficiently recognized.

Why is it worth to practise karate?

We cannot be weak these days. Strength, not only physical, but above all mental, can be successfully built on the basis of karate. In this sport we are getting closer to a very real, hand-to-hand combat. The effort of competitors  is great. This is a very hard sport. While training karate, we overcome our own weaknesses, fight pain, cross borders, and build character. We get to know ourselves and our possibilities. We know what we can do and we know who we are. Karate is a very good preparation for the adult life.

Marcelina Różycka